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Tiny Planet does expert iOS and server-side work.

Recent Internet infrastructure work

  • DevOps at Paycase, a company with a portfolio of cryptocurrency inveestments. portfolio PHP, Android, and iOS messaging system hosted on AWS at a Toronto edtech startup.
  • PHP, Android, and iOS messaging system hosted on AWS at a Toronto edtech startup.
  • 1200-core, 1.2 petabyte cluster build-out from cardboard boxes to running, managed, monitored machines for a true Canadian technology failure story.
  • Built three different products for Architelos, who provide key services and consulting to the TLD industry.
  • the client and server side of TweetMag, while that lasted
  • system administration on the .org and .info DNS name servers for Afilias
  • clinical data-gathering application and server for the Canadian Heart Research Centre
  • and our high-flexibility, high-octane collaboration with Big Room for their launch of .ECO and their incredibly useful Ecolabel Index

Recent & notable iOS / iPhone apps

Class Messenger Class Messenger

Keeping parents, teachers, and students in sync. Acted as CTO, system administrator, technical team lead, NOC whip-cracker. Maintained a large PHP, Java, Objective-C codebase.

Pocket RocketPocket Rocket

Know when your next streetcar or bus will arrive, and predict when you'll get to your destination. Consumes a not particularly friendly web service.

Drug Formulary Drug Formulary
for Cancer Care Ontario

This application takes their web-based Drug Formulary mobile. The design is original, and tuned for the device's small form factor.

Tech Update Technology Services Update
for Cancer Care Ontario

A multimedia newsletter and a testbed for experimentation with mobile technology.

Arcestra Player Arcestra Player

We developed early prototypes of this 3D architectural visualization tool.

North U Tactician North U Tactician

Developed in partnership with North Sails, this application helps tacticians track and visualize wind shifts during a race. Check out this great review in Sailing World.

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